Facilitator : Udhyam Vyapaar (Bangalore)

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About Udhyam : Udhyam Learning Foundation exists to increase agency (capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices, based on their will), within individuals. We are a for-purpose foundation focused on enabling self employment and grassroots entrepreneurship. We do this currently through two programmes Udhyam Shiksha and Udhyam Vyapaar. 

Udhyam Vyapaar :

Vyapaar works with grassroots entrepreneurs to enable them to scale and succeed in their businesses, in line with Udhyam’s mission of making India entrepreneurial. We work with low opportunity entrepreneurs across business types and mentor them to be stronger entrepreneurs through

  • Mindset interventions: Facilitate mindset changes like willingness to try new things, overcoming barriers, problem solving etc.
  • Business interventions: Co-ideate creative strategies to implement in their business towards scale and growth.

About the Udhyam Vyapaar facilitator role :

Through Udhyam Vyapaar’s experience interacting with nano entrepreneurs (Vyapaaris), we’ve gathered many insights into the way they run their businesses and the key levers of business growth. Using this as the foundation, paired with an understanding of the micro entrepreneurship ecosystem in India, we’ve developed a curriculum codifying this knowledge and insight, to be used in  interventions with Vyapaari groups.

Through this project, YOU have the opportunity to deliver Vyapaar’s curriculum to groups of Vyapaaris and facilitate change towards growing nano businesses, effecting long term impact. This pilot project will entail a 1-day interactive workshop and your role will be to facilitate the workshop and capture data about the Vyapaari before and after the workshop is done.  

Primary responsibilities :

1. Lead and facilitate the Udhyam Vyapaar workshops conducted for low-opportunity Vyapaaris (nano/micro entrepreneurs) focused on mindset changes and business practices towards growth in business through high-engagement facilitation.

2. Conduct field visits to business locations of Vyapaaris to understand and capture the profiles of Vyapaaris prior to the Udhyam Vyapaar workshops.

3. Participate in learning and reflection sessions, pre and post the Udhyam Vyapaar workshops.

We are looking for people with :

  • Basic functional understanding of how businesses are run. (Deeper understanding or experience with micro business owners is a strong plus)
  • Strong facilitation, verbal communication and articulation skills.
  • Willingness to travel within Bangalore to conduct the workshops.
  • Deep belief in human potential that anybody can learn and grow, given a conducive environment and relevant inputs.
  • Openness to learn and incorporate this learning into interventions, based on on-ground insights.
  • Fluency in conversational Kannada (for module 1) and Hindi (for module 2).

Time commitment : 

- Module 1 : 3-day engagement period, including the 1-day workshop (on 19th December)

- Module 2 : 72 hours spread across a period of 8 weeks with workshops on Monday/Wednesday morning, Thursday evening and Sunday evening, starting immediately.

This period includes training, workshop facilitation and data capturing, as part of the engagement. Specific dates and timings (wherever not previously mentioned) will be communicated during the final interview process, considering the dates are largely dependent on the partner organization.


- Module 1 : 7000/- (including travel and TDS)

- Module 2 : 24,000/- (including travel and TDS) 

Further rounds of interviews will be conducted in-person at the Udhyam Learning Foundation office in Bangalore, or over a video call.

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